About Old School Guitar Repair, Restoration & Lutherie

Why "Old School"?

Easy. Old School Guitar Repair is located in an historic 1825 Hopewell, New Jersey schoolhouse. From the floor through the the 18” stone walls to the roof, the building has been completely renovated using period-correct materials. They just don't build like this anymore - and it's cool being truly old school.

What goes for the building goes for the work done here. Repairs and new instruments are made using the same "old school" methods and materials used when your guitar was built, because those choices remain the best choices.

This means hot hide glue when resetting a neck: itʼs hard to work with, but it draws the two pieces of wood together and can be easily taken apart with a little steam. It means celluloid binding - even though it costs more - because it has a look you don't get with ABS plastic. It means nitrocellulose lacquer paints for their warmth, tone and visual appeal.

This old building - like your guitar - was made by real craftsmen. I'm upholding that tradition.

Hours are by appointment so please write or call ahead before visiting, and thank you for considering me for your next project.

– Curt Wilson